I am pleased to welcome you to School of Health Information Management, Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto. This is truly one of the places to earn a national diploma and higher national diploma in health information management. The profession health information management is a noble profession within the healthcare industry. Health information management as in other words called health records, is the starting and ending points of patients` health care services. It is fair to say that the function of a Doctor is likely in-efficient, in-effective, un-reliable and un-recommendable if the Doctor has no accurate and prompt retrieval record of the patient he/she is treating. Forget (No doctor can work without Record). This is because “Memory or People forget Records remember”. With this simple saying obviously it is very difficult for doctors to remember the information about hundred (100) or more patients at a time without records. Be proud of your noble profession and “sale it out” because health records can be regarded as the bulleting to medical practices as back-bone of medical practice, as a phenomenon that answer the question : What, Where, Who, How and When in health care system. Health records department is the mirror to the hospital (Show me your records I will tell you who you are). As a new student, it is important that you take advantage of all the information student hand’s book has to offer, I am aware that it is not easy for you to acquaint yourself with the rules and code of conduct of the school, so that they may display a sense responsibility and adjust readily to the school environment. I hope the student handbook will provide necessary information for achieving this task. To get the session set off on a good start, I would like to remind you that rules and regulations are not meant to impose hardship to anybody. Rather, they are meant to cultivate your mind and mould you towards attaining the expected goals. You should always bear it in mind that this school is unique in training Health Personnel’s who will effectively groomed to practice Health profession. It is my privilege to inform you that, the management and staff of this great school are committed to assist you towards attaining the expected goals. On our part, we will do everything possible within our resources to improve your welfare so that your period of stay in the school will be more rewarding. I congratulate you of being part of this great school and I wish you Allah’s guidance and protection throughout your stay in this school.

Abubakar Hamza